Family Tree

Family Tree


These next ones I have no idea when they were taken or who are in them. Some of them might be from the Douglas side, some from the Wheatley side. Any help would be appreciated.

Picture #1/pre-1950's
Robert (left) and Jack (right) Douglas

Picture #2/pre-1950's
Jack and Nancy Douglas

Picture #3/pre-1950's
Norman Douglas, standing on left, his mother Mary Douglas seated.

Picture #5/pre-1950's
Phyllis Douglas

Picture #6/pre-1950's
might be Jack Douglas

Picture #7pre-1950's
Robert Douglas (left) and
William Harvey (right)
Picture #8/ 1950's
Phyllis & Robert Douglas' Wedding 1952
Picture #9/1950's 
Phyllis & Robert Douglas' Wedding 1952

Picture #10/pre-1950's
Great Uncle Robert Douglas going to war
don't know the year

Picture #11/pre-1950's
Might be Great Uncle Robert Douglas on left, don't know the other one.
late 1930's or early 1940's?

Picture #12/pre-1950's
Might be taken before 1936
Great Uncle Robert Douglas & Helen Douglas (on back left), next to them Betty Douglas?
Back right might be Norman Douglas - Seated in the middle Mary & Harvey Douglas
Picture #13/pre-1950's
Maybe early 1950's
Virginia Douglas, William Harvey, Nancy Douglas, Mary Harvey, Phyllis, Robert
 & Norman (seated) Douglas 

Picture #14/1950's
back left Jim, & Jack Douglas, Peter Harvey, front Bill Harvey,
 Nancy & Robert Douglas - might be late 1950's 
Picture #14/pre-1950's
Might be taken in the 1930's or 1940's
Might be Norman Douglas on the right and maybe Betty on the left
(Betty died in 1936, so if it is her then this was taken earlier.
Don't know who the children are

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